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I’m a psychologist who had doubts about the “AIDS controversy.” It was hard to accept that everything I believed could possibly be a myth, but after reading your book I am convinced that everything scientists tell us about AIDS is just that. I really admire you and am giving your book to my closest friends and colleagues.

Mexico City, Mexico

I have been working in the AIDS field for more than five years now. A year ago I met a British tourist who shared your book with me. I would like to commend you for the work you do in reaching out to those who are deceived that the HIV is what causes the AIDS they supposedly have.  I am now trying to help out others here to know the truth about HIV/AIDS and AIDS. Recently I wrote an article in a local newspaper. After they ran it, I received and continue to receive a lot of phone calls. Thank you for starting me on a new path.

Jinja, Uganda

Your book saved my life!

I have a Master's in Urban and Regional Planning from SUNY at Buffalo and a Juris Doctor from Thomas M. Cooley Law School. I was diagnosed positive in 2000 when I was pregnant with my youngest child. I am happy to say we never took the medication and we are healthy and happy.

The doctor's couldn't believe it when my newborn daughter tested negative at birth, but I knew enough to know that fetal hemoglobin means she had my blood, so how could she be negative if I am positive? I later learned why: The HIV tests are faulty and do not measure HIV.

My education and critical thinking skills and your book saved our lives. I am forever grateful. By the way, my husband is HIV negative and is the only partner that I have had since 1995.

Thank you again for the live saving information!

Baltimore, Maryland

Someday the walls blocking so many people from the truth about AIDS will come tumbling down, and I’ll be there with my pick in hand, hacking away with you. Thank you for your book, for all you have done and all that you continue to do.

Maui, Hawaii

I am a final year student studying biomedical sciences at the University of Northumbria and have just completed a research project into the controversies surrounding the HIV-AIDS theory. I found your book astonishing. It could begin to make a difference to the small number of HIV positives we have in the UK, and allow them to make their own decisions about HIV. More importantly, it could give them the will to live the healthy unhindered lives they were told they would no longer have. Thank you for your work.

New Castle, UK

Your book has been so helpful to me.  It’s given me hope and it’s helped to take my mind off the truly non-important parts of this “syndrome.” I know I have to concentrate on the issues that come up, not kill the body to eradicate the mysterious phantom virus. Thank you so much. Your attitude and knowledge have really helped me stay calm and look for my own answers, too. 

Dallas, Texas

I first became aware of the problems connected with “HIV” when one of my daughters, a hospice nurse in the San Francisco area, struck herself with a supposedly contaminated needle.  Confronted with the drug regimen prescribed for such accidents, she began asking questions. Thank you very much for your book. I bought extra copies to place in libraries.

San Francisco, CA

When I first stumbled across the notion that HIV does not cause AIDS my reaction was typical. “What nonsense,” I thought, “everybody knows HIV causes AIDS.” But the science was compelling. Instead of dismissing the wealth of information as nonsense, I began to read Christine Maggiore’s succinct and well-documented book. Now I’m one of “those people,” those wacky non-believers. News articles made it sound as if Christine and a couple of fringe scientists are the only ignorant people on the planet who are denying that HIV causes AIDS. That’s just sloppy and irresponsible journalism.

Tracy M
Seattle, WA

I work as a medical social worker with a private maternity hospital in Mumbai, India. In my job I counsel at least 40 to 50 new pregnant women each day to take the HIV ELISA test and if they are positive, to take AZT for four weeks and no breastfeeding. This week I read your book which I found at a library of the College of Social Work. After reading it, I am touched, moved and inspired. I am now questioning the doctors who advocate the protocol for pregnant women and questioning the drugs for babies who test positive. More importantly, I am now giving patients hope by telling them that research does not prove that HIV causes AIDS.

I am planning to quit this job and take on more awareness work inspired by your book.

Mumbai, India

I am from Poland. I had the test in December 2005. Unfortunately I’m HIV positive. I was completely depressed, but once I found your book I bought it immediately. I’m sure you know that it is translated in Polish, too. All I have read in this book changed my way of thinking about AIDS and HIV. I’m still a little bit afraid but not like before. Thank you so much.

Warsaw, Poland

Your book gave me reasons to question everything that doctors had been telling me, and I’m so glad I did. Over the last few years, I’ve been tested several times for HIV and the test results have always been positive. Today I learned that the results from my most recent test were negative! I’ve consistently shown no symptoms of any virus. Doctors concluded no more testing is needed. Your book helped me understand how they could all be so wrong.

New York, NY

You have no idea what your book has done for me. I will do nothing but question from now on. Something’s got to be done to reform this nonsense about HIV and AIDS! I’m a student at the University of Southern California and just wanted to say thanks.

David S.
Los Angeles, CA

I think the most important thing your book does is cause people to look at other alternatives. You make people think outside the box, you inspire critical thinking and for that I will always be grateful. People in society will always jump to the worst conclusion, especially when it’s the easy answer. 

London, England

Your book has helped us to find the truth that liberates us from terror. You are such an inspiration, a true angel.

Mercu and Sancha
Sao Paolo, Brazil

I’m 56 and was diagnosed HIV positive in 1991. I have never used any pharmaceuticals and am in good health. After finding your book, I am working on theatrical presentation regarding ‘my story’ with regard to HIV and AIDS in hopes that it will be interesting to others and start a dialogue. Thanks for sharing this information.

Hal F.

I am a medical doctor and epidemiologist. Your book points out the huge number of inconsistencies in the HIV theory and why no one can explain how HIV causes AIDS. Thank you for making your book available in Spanish. I congratulate you for your strength and courage.

Dr. Carlos M
Tijuana, Mexico

I had a unique chance to read your book while taking an HIV class at the University of South Florida. I was truly amazed with all information you presented in your work.  I realized that this book is very important for people as a guide to a new life. I am wondering how many people still live under the impression that an AIDS diagnosis is equal to HIV diagnosis and that they are both life-threatening diseases. I feel that your book has to be introduced to people all over the world.

I am pleased to offer to translate your book in Russian. There is great lack of information about AIDS and HIV subject in the countries of the former USSR. I am sure that your book will help millions of Russians to change their view of HIV and AIDS and, of course, save millions of lives.  I have a Master’s degree in Russian from Volgograd State Language University and a Bachelor’s degree in Russian from the University of South Florida.  Thank you for your consideration, Christine.

Miami, Florida

Your book played a huge part in saving my life! For that I can only express my sincere gratitude by saying thank you. Stay strong and keep up the fight.

Andy G, MBA
Long Island, NY

I am an MD in South Florida who recently became aware of your book and I must say it is an eye opener. After reviewing arguments for both sides, I admit that I must place myself among the AIDS dissidents with you!

Dr. J.D
Hollywood, FL

I was diagnosed “positive” in July of 2005. It came as a huge blow at first and I just surrendered myself to the idea of HIV/AIDS. One day I was looking on the Internet and came across your wonderful book. Through this I came to find there are serious flaws in this whole issue. Now I am convinced of the flawed nature of the test and am sure that AIDS, if such a thing really exists, is just a collection of old diseases labeled differently for commercial and political purposes.

Freddy B.
Lima, Peru

Just got the book and read it.  Bravo! People who know “the truth” are very scary and when they have the power of the police state, they are deadly. You’re doing something very good here. Congratulations on standing up for sanity!

Scott R.
Phidadelphia, PA

I am a Chinese acupuncturist and herbalist and work teaching both acupuncture and Chinese herbs. I am also the academic dean and clinic director of the school where I work. I created a specialty clinic called “support clinic” which only treats HIV/AIDS patients with oriental medicine. One of my patients, who is also my student, introduced me to your book, and I was very impressed. I started to lend the book to my patients and they were impressed, too.

In the meanwhile I am thinking of those HIV positive patients in China, my country. I wish they knew you and I wish they knew your book so that they won’t spend tons of money on toxic medications. I want them to know the nature of these diseases and know that they are not “dead people.” I want to translate your book into Chinese with your permission. You are a brave and brilliant woman.  Thank you.

Li C.
Santa Fe, New Mexico

I am an anchor/reporter with Al Jazeera International. We are very fascinated with your book and your approach to HIV! 

Al Jazeera International

I work as a T.V producer for Japanese public broadcasting. I happened to come across an article in ELLE magazine about Ms. Maggiore and her book. I found it very interesting because I have never doubted that HIV causes AIDS and I have never heard any controversy on this matter among the general Japanese public. Thank you for sharing this information.

Kitaho S.
Tokyo, Japan

I am an attorney in Buenos Aires and discovered this whole thing about the other side of AIDS just a few months ago while spending some time off surfing the web. Your book opened my eyes about what’s going on with this fraudulent story we’ve been forced to swallow for twenty-five years. Here in my country no one I know dares to think nothing different from what we’ve been told by the mainstream media. I’ll keep on trying to spread the word and do anything I can to unmask this. Thank you Christine!

Eduardo M.
Buenos Aires, Argentina

I am sending my most heartfelt thanks from Italy. Your book effectively puts forth the truth about the AIDS controversy. Thank you for your courage in fighting misinformation.

Guilia D.
Florence, Italy

I am a communications major at the University of Chicago. Christine’s book has changed my life forever. I admire the energy and compassion she has put into questioning HIV and AIDS. 

Chicago, Illinois

Shortly after being diagnosed “HIV positive” I was introduced to your book by my brother and his partner. I was one of the “good little gay boys” who got tested every six months with the idea that should I test “positive” I would immediately seek treatment and begin taking the drugs in order to prolong my life, as I was brainwashed to believe and as my doctor suggested upon giving me my diagnosis. Well, thanks to you, your book and the workings of the Universe that will NOT happen!

Austin, Texas

History, I am sure, will grant Christine Maggiore a place as a champion of truth and justice.  Her book is both an inspiration and an antidote to the status quo.

John L.

It is incredible what I just read in your excellent book. I am not a doctor but my father was so I know some things about medicine. How is it possible that I know this basic, tremendous and incredible truth just by casually finding your book and not by reading some independent press article?  I wish that this book would be shared all over this planet! Thanks for existing.

Sergio P.
Rio de Janero, Brazil

I was doing some online HIV research when I came across Christine Maggiore’s book. I could not put that book down until I read it in its entirety. At that point my life changed.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Until recently, I was a physician at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, the number one funded AIDS research center in America. I knew that HIV caused AIDS because that’s what the textbooks said. I had no reason to think otherwise, and never knew that anyone thought differently. I ordered this book on a whim, but once I stared reading it, I didn’t stop until I hit the back cover. Now I tell the story of AIDS to anyone who will listen.

Rob H, MD
Birmingham, Alabama

I just read your book and had to share my experiences with you. I was diagnosed HIV positive in 1987. Something told me that a mystery virus didn’t just crop up in the late 70’s and start wiping people out. I didn’t believe the hype.

All these years have gone by and I’m fine. In almost 21 years of being positive, I have never used a single HIV medication or seen an “AIDS specialist.” I wonder how long it’s going to take the rest of the world see how destructive this hysteria is when there is absolutely no virus to worry about. I wanted to take time to write so you know there are thousands of us out here who are alive and well.

New York City

Thank you, thank you for writing this book. My partner was just diagnosed HIV positive a few weeks ago and it was as if life as we knew it ended. I have always been very skeptical about HIV and AIDS information, and this confirms a lot for me.

Sacramento, California

Thank God for you and your book. You have really changed my life.


Thank you very much for all the information in your book. I have been HIV positive since 1996 and feel fine. I never took any of the toxic medications. Thank you for all your help.


I am a social worker in Puerto Rico and this book has changed my way of approaching the HIV population I work with. The people of Puerto Rico need to know more about the marvelous information that you have gathered. Thank you for empowering me.

Puerto Rico

Thank you for your book. I am a native of Nigeria currently residing in Atlanta. I greatly admire you and your God given conscience to stand on the side of truth, even under the possible peril of your credibility and otherwise. May God continue to guide and strengthen you!

Atlanta, Georgia

I admire you for the work that you have done and continue to do in publicizing the fact that there are other ways of looking at human health that are not “mainstream.” Thank you for your efforts to inform people of more than one side of the HIV/AIDS argument.


I just read your book and want to say thank you. Your efforts are amazing and your cause is very noble.

Santa Fe, New Mexico

I have been HIV positive since 1992. I tried taking the combination of drugs for the last five years. Three ago I decided to stop taking them and since then I have had more energy, I sleep better and I have more will to try to have some kind of life. Your book has opened my eyes again and has made me want to learn more.

Hollywood, California

I want to say thank you. I have been struggling with a fear of HIV and AIDS since I was 14 years old. Since I read your book my fears are gone. I have never felt so good. You’ve given me my life back.

Toronto, Canada

Thank you for your book. I hope you never give up your fight against hysteria, societal pressures and the multi-billion dollar drug companies that daily brainwash the masses. You are an inspiration.

Chicago, Illinois

I have supposedly been infected with HIV since birth from a blood transfusion. I am now 22 years old. I refuse to take medicine because of reasons listed in your book and I feel great. People don’t understand how the meds make you feel because they can’t relate. I would rather feel healthy than feel sick while trying to remain healthy any day! Thank you so much for your book.


You remain powerful and strong in the face of great opposition and criticism. You stand unafraid, and regardless of what your opposition throws your way, you always remain clear minded, fair, and forthright.  Thank you, Christine.

Sydney, Australia

I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart. If I didn’t come across your book, I would have never taken the initiative to actually think for myself, ask questions, and research.


From someone in the trenches, thank you for your book, for giving people information. Thank you for being brave enough to challenge this AIDS theory that has cost the world so many lives and given so many others money, power and prestige.

Santa Monica, California

I write about the health and socioeconomic effects of technology plastics, pesticides, genetic engineering and nuclear radiation. I am a member of the Genetic Engineering Committee of the Sierra Club and a technical advisor on the health effects of plastics. I see a lot of my own feelings about technology confirmed in your book. Thank you for taking the time to write it and for your persistence against the forces of  “the machine.”


It has been one year since I tested positive. Everything about that day is still crystal clear in my memory. I remember all the pain and fear I experienced. I remember what I did the rest of the day, what I had to eat, who I talked to, etc. It was the most difficult day I ever had to go through. After that day, I thought about quitting college and just giving up on everything. I was depressed and felt so alone. My life changed for the better when I came across your book. This book opened my eyes and helped me get my life back in order.


Thank you for being a beacon of light for all who are affected by a condition that is so misunderstood.

Vienna, Austria

I want you to know that your book has had an enormous effect on me, has changed my life and has changed how I view what the media tells me. I appreciate and admire what you are doing. Thank you!

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

It is very difficult to let go of the societal mores regarding medical science and dogma. Your book has helped me lift the veil of all this dogma about HIV and AIDS and helped me to see clearly at last. Thank you for this extremely helpful and heartening book. It gives hope to those in need of hope.

Bowling Green, Ohio

Thank you, Christine, for having the courage to speak out for so many others.  I love the work you do!

North Carolina

I just read your thought provoking book and I have been thinking about it ever since.  There comes a time when fears must be cast aside in the name of greater good. Thank you so much for your book!

Boston, Massachusetts

I salute your courage, strength and determination. I know you have been and continue to be an inspiration to many people, myself included. Thank you.


I wish I had your convictions when I chose to start medications. Though I had no symptoms, my doctors decided to put me on the meds immediately. During the three years I was on medication, I developed a distended abdomen, sunken cheeks, an enlarged heart, an enlarged liver, depression, memory loss and asthma. 

As soon as I discovered and read your book, I stopped the medicine and my health immediately began to improve. I feel so much better now. Thank you so much for being there for me!

Mike R