Table of Contents

Is AIDS a New Disease? 1
Is HIV the Cause of AIDS? 4
Is the “AIDS Test” Accurate? 7
Is the Rate of HIV Increasing? 12
Is AIDS Our Biggest Health Threat? 13
Are We All at Risk for AIDS? 15
Is AIDS Devastating Africa? 18
Are New Drug Treatments Responsible for Declines in AIDS? 21
Does HIV Take Years to Cause AIDS? 23
Do Pregnant Women Who Test HIV Positive Give Their Babies AIDS? 24
AZT: A Drug in Search of a Disease 29
A Sobering Report on Protease Inhibitors and “Combo Cocktails” 32
What’s Up with Viral Load? 36
Are These Facts News to You? 41
Public Health, Public Relations, and AIDS 45
Can Popular Consensus Be Wrong? 47
If It’s Not HIV, What Can Cause AIDS? 51
Incorrect Information about HIV and AIDS Costs Lives 60
If You Have Tested Positive 64
Options for Healing and Wellness 69
What You Can Do to End AIDS 74
Sources for Further Information 75
Understanding AIDS Speak: A Guide to Language in the Age of HIV 79
References 84
Appendix: The Other Side of AIDS 94
HIV and AIDS in 2007: A Brief Update 126